Richard Lindstrom, MD, and Kerry Solomon, MD, discuss the importance of OVDs to surgical outcomes in today's advanced-technology environment.

New surgical techniques and technologies continue to be developed and patient expectations continue to rise. Do today's ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDs) deliver the protection surgeons need with surgical advances?

Richard Lindstrom, MD, states that endothelial protection remains the key element that physicians look for in their OVD. His research and experience shows that chondroitin sulfate delivers the best results in this area.

Kerry Solomon, MD, demonstrates how the new microscope technology allows him to visually confirm how OVDs with chondroitin sulfate are retained in the eye during and after phacoemulsification.

by Richard L. Lindstrom, MD
Minneapolis, MN USA

Dr. Lindstrom explains the characteristics of OVDs that yield maximum corneal endothelium protection.

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by Kerry D. Solomon, MD
Charleston, SC USA

Dr. Solomon discusses the visual impact of new technologies and how OVDs with chondroitin sulfate can positively affect clinical outcomes.

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